Received a Getty Images threat letter?  Don’t know what to do about it?

Are they accusing you of using images without permission on your website or blog?

Are Getty Images demanding large amounts of money? 

Is a debt collector like Altradius harassing you for the money? 

Don’t understand copyright infringement?

If you have been threatened and don’t want to pay the very large sums Getty Images claim there is help.

It will cost you nothing to contact us to find out more: telephone 0208 663 0044 – email “mail { at } cliffordmiller.com” and include a copy of Getty Images’ copyright threat letter.

Many years ago someone came seeking help with one of these Getty Images threat letters and we told them it would cost more to get advice than to pay up so they went away.  And that bothered us then and since.  So after later taking on a couple of cases successfully we decided to offer a service like this.

It takes a lot more time to provide the service than it is worth to the average lawyer but we know these Getty Images threat letters worry people a great deal we so offer this service generally at well below normal cost semi-“pro bono“.  It helps the “little people” who are threatened even if it is just one image.   It also saves people in business a great deal of their time and worry and lets them get on with their business and do what they do best – earn a living.

Some people and businesses receive initial demands for thousands of dollars, pounds sterling [and almost any other currency you care to think of]. These Getty Images demand letters have earned the nickname with some as the Getty Images “extortion letter“. Business owners almost invariably are unaware of any potential problem until the Getty Images threat letter arrives. Often an independent website designer was responsible for selecting and including the alleged offending images in the business’ websites.

If you cannot phone or email right now you can still post a comment on this page at the end and let us know with some brief details of the problems you have experienced.  We will need your contact details to contact you so don’t forget an email address and/or a telephone number.  Or you can contact us via our website: Clifford Miller.

This post is an addendum to our main post on this topic found here:-

The Getty Images Rip-Off, You, Copyright & The Law – February 28, 2011

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