Who Says The Old Bill Are Flatfoots? Met Police Execute “CSI” Result In Less Than 12 Hours

March 28, 2012

Not even the fictional CSI Captain James (Jim) Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) of the Homicide Division who works with the CSI team and Dr. Gilbert “Gil” Grissom, (Ph.D.) the fictional star character of the original CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, have done anything like this in less than 24 hours in one of the shows in the successful and popular US TV series, screened also on UK TV screens.

Late last night in a London residential area, acting on detailed information received of a suspected burglary involving the suspected theft of electronic equipment from a London residence, New Scotland Yard’s emergency call centre responded rapidly to calls with the despatch of Metropolitan Police officers in three patrol cars with uniformed officers to seek out the fleeing suspects.

With the assistance of information from the public, and despite rapid flight in the dark of the night and cunning and evasive tactics by the suspects to avoid detection and CCTV, the officers executed one or more arrests of suspect(s) within hours and were processing the paperwork for the case within much less than 12 hours!!

Well done Old Bill.  Smart work.

And US CSI scriptwriters, you really must beef up your scripts.  Mr Plod over here and Inspector Knacker of the Yard are ancient history.   Even your fictional TV crimefighters are not as quick off the mark as the real thing over here.  Maybe you should start watching the UK TV series “The Bill” to pick up a few tips from Sun Hill police station, in the fictional “Canley Borough Operational Command Unit” in East London. Ha!!

This blog is making no suggestion that any apprehended suspect is a perpetrator of the suspected burglary.  Innocence is presumed until the contrary is proven to the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.

No further details can be or will be provided.  Sorry folks.  You’ll just have to read about it in the papers [maybe] one day, if at all.  That is up to “Old Bill’s” press office or a lucky local journalist being in the right Court on the right day, if charges are brought and pursued by the Crown Prosecution Service. 

POSTSCRIPT 2/Apr/2012:  The case was in the local magistrates Court on the Thursday morning.  Tuesday night to in Court on Thursday morning must be something of a record for a burglary?


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